Use Your Mind and Your Body's Innate Healing Power to Heal Your Back Pain.

Fact: You Can Heal Your Back Pain

Without Drugs, Expensive Treatments, or Surgery

One of the biggest misconceptions about back pain is that it is very difficult, if not impossible to cure. Or that only a few lucky ones will ever get rid of their back pain again. Another one is that as we get older, back pain is just part of life, so we better just get used to it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I know that for a fact, because 14 years ago I was able to heal my own severe back and shoulder pain that had kept me from living a normal and joyful life for nearly nine years, within just a couple of months.

Since then, many of my students and clients were able to do the same, and so can you!

“I met Connie in my friend’s house, and what started as a social meeting soon turned into a treatment session when I told Connie that I had been suffering from back pain for many years, with days when I could hardly get out of bed or walk. She had me walk up and down the hallway several times, and then told me that my problem was how I walked. She had me do some easy exercises, right there in my friend’s kitchen, and I could immediately feel the relief in my lower back. Connie gave me a list of exercises to do daily, some of them simple body awareness exercises, some of them to strengthen or stretch certain muscles, and within a couple of days my back pain was completely gone” – Paul F., Dublin, Ireland

About 80% of all back pain is caused by muscles, or rather muscle imbalances, in the body, where one muscle is too tight and another muscle is too weak, which then lead to a misalignment in the body. And it is this misalignment then that in the end causes back pain.

As we all know, muscles can be stretched and strengthened, and therefore, back pain that is caused by muscle imbalances, can be completely and easily healed. It is only a matter of finding the underlying muscle imbalances that are responsible for the back pain in the individual person.

And this is actually the solution to 80% of all back pain. Once you establish which muscle imbalances are causing your back pain, you can simply work on these muscles, and get rid of your back pain forever.

On this website and in my programs you will learn:

  • The TRUTH about back pain that your doctor didn’t tell you
  • The reasons why the treatments haven’t worked so far for your
  • Simple strategies you can implement immediately to reduce your acute back pain
  • How to unleash your innate healing power
  • A solution to your back pain based on years of training, scientific studies, and research, as well as the results that I have achieved with my students and clients over the last 14 years

And much,much more …

My Do-It-Yourself Course

TRIVAnetics – The Ultimate Solution To Healing Your Back Pain

and all the other courses and programs will give you…

  • Reduced or no pain!
  • Permanent results – as you are addressing the cause of your back pain!
  • No more drugs or pain killers
  • Financial worries about future medical bills – GONE!
  • No more endless therapies that only give you short-term relief
  • Fear of losing your job due to sick days – GONE!
  • More time to spend with your family and friends
  • Heightened Body Awareness to prevent future injuries
  • Goal setting tools that you can apply to all areas of your life
  • Being able to take up your hobbies and sports again
  • In short: Less Pain – More Life!

Have a look around and check out the different products and services that I have to offer. Take responsibility for your healing process now, and take action. Go and buy one of my programs, and start living a life free of pain again. You deserve it!

TRIVAnetics Do-It-Yourself Course

What you’ll get with this Course:

TheTRIVAnetics Handbook
The Body Assessment Guide
The Movement Guide
The Guided Visualization mp3
The Quick Start Guide
The Success Journal

Body Assessment & 3-Months Coaching

Here is what you’ll get with the Coaching:

 Complete Initial Body Assessment
A Personalized Treatment Plan
A Personalized Guided Meditation
Four 20 minutes phone calls each month
Two more Full Body Assessments after 30 and 60 days
Two new Treatment Plans and videos according to the findings
MyTRIVAnetics Handbook, Movement Guide, and the TRIVAnetics Success Journal


TRIVAnetics Do-It-Yourself Course

Coaching Programs

My Story

Picture Connie MerkMy name is Connie Merk, and I’m going to tell you how I healed my nearly 9 year-long shoulder and back pain within a couple of months without drugs or surgery.
Here’s my story…
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